The wellness industry is one of the most important & relevant in the world today. A public movement has started to shift our economy. People want to support great companies, relate to them, trust it, and be able to share what their using. Natural products, plant based products, handmade, locally sourced, locally made show that the process is just as important as the offering. In support of the more conscious consumer, we seek to partner with great business, both locally and nationally that support this mandate.


Our first year brought quality workshops to hundreds of participants from both near and far.

Alberta’s economic climate has been devastating for many. There has never been a more relevant time to put our focus towards what is truly important; our own health, the health of those we care most about, and the health of our environment.

As a business, your involvement at the Banff Yoga Festival enables you to ground and action values in community, wellness, and the environment.

As an employer, what better time then to invest in your people?

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us at info@banffyogafestival.com or fill out the form below