Frequently Asked Questions

I am pregnant, can I still attend?

First of all, congratulations. We don’t have any prenatal classes this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t attend.


All of our teachers are VERY educated and all will have training in teaching pregnant women. So Please take the following steps:


1. Consult your physician and let them know that you want to attend the festival.

2. Knowing your own body and how you are feeling during your pregnancy, cater the schedule in this way.

3. At the festival, let your instructor know that you are carrying. They will offer you some modifications for the poses.

4. Read up on variations. A great resource is:

5. Pregnant women, as a general rule of thumb, are to steer clear of TWISTING, JUMP BACKS (throughs and forewards), And anything where the weight is on the belly (lying on your belly)


**Please note that our festival line-up has been very carefully curated. There are no teachers who have not been teaching for several years and most of whom have families of their own. **


When you purchase your ticket, please feel free to contact us for recommendations. If anything, this will be something great to do for the fellowship and comradery!

Can men attend the festival?

Absolutely! Our festival is an inclusive and quality event for all yoga practitioners.

I am no longer able to attend the festival, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately our disclaimer states that we cannot provide a refund. This is due to refunds being a very long process with our third party ticketing system. The tickets are transferable so if you really can’t attend, we recommend that you sell your ticket to a friend or via social media. We can also offer to transfer your ticket over to the following year.


Click the link below to learn how to transfer your tickets!

I have never been to Banff before. Do you have any hotel recommendations close to the festival site?

We have the two nights accommodation deal at the Juniper which is closest to the venue (and has beautiful views). This can be booked on showpass either attached to your festival ticket or separately. We are also partnered with best of Banff hotels which are mostly on Banff Avenue (the main street). Take a look over to our tickets page and we can book for you. We negotiated some of the best rates you can get – especially for that time!


Alternatively, we have listed a few links to great options for you:

Does the 2 nights accommodation at our partnered hotel for $340 include the all inclusive pass?

The 2 night stay at the partnered hotel does not include access to the festival and you will need to purchase a festival pass as well. If you look on showpass, the Juniper Package option above this for $545 includes both the accommodation and festival pass.

I am an experienced yoga instructor. Are applications still open to teach at the festival? 

Thank you so much for your interest in teaching at Banff Yoga Festival! We feel extremely privileged with the amount of teachers that are enthusiastic about teaching at the festival.


While we have already confirmed our Yoga Instructors for this year we would very much encourage you to partake in the festival or attend as a volunteer. We have a very selective way of bringing in teachers which is largely based on a face to face basis. We would love to get to know you and get a feel for your work.

If you are interested in adjusting, we recommend you get in touch with one of our instructors. It their responsibility to bring adjusters if they please.

Are the festival and activities accessible from hotels without a car?

Banff is largely a walking town. There are various hotels in town and within walking distance to the festival. There are also opportunities to hire bicycles in order to get around from the festival to other activities.

Does the VIP package and All Inclusive Weekend ticket include the add ons?

No. The add ons are an extra charge based on materials/products we will purchase for you for the workshops. You can purchase these on top of the base ticket on showpass.

Can you buy just the add ons and still attend the festival?

No. You will need to purchase either a full weekend ticket or day ticket in order to access the festival and your workshop.

I would like to volunteer at the festival. How do I go about this and would you receive a free ticket?

Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering at the festival we really appreciate it! We are just in the midst of creating the schedule so if you can express your availability, past experience and any requests that will be helpful. Typically in return for a 6-8 hour volunteer shift you get the rest of the day free at the festival to attend and explore. if your shift is longer than this we will give you the next day free. You can request to volunteer at a certain session and you would need to be there before and after to clean up, and be there throughout to help the teacher when/if needed. We will also take care of breakfast, lunch and this year we are adding on a volunteers dinner for fellow yogis to meet!

Do you have to be good at yoga to attend the festival? I have done a few sessions before but I am worried I won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class!

Banff Yoga Festival welcomes all yogis! After all Yoga isn’t about being a pro, it is about enjoying your practice and getting in touch with your inner self. There are a variety of workshops, practices and activities for you to choose from. Each teacher has been carefully selected and are very experienced. You should never force your practice and do only what is comfortable, they will offer alternative exercises if some positions are challenging.

How Do I transfer tickets to someone else?

Sorry to hear you can’t make it, but glad you found someone to take your place. Follow this link on how to transfer your tickets to someone else:


Make sure that you have de-registered from any classes on and ask the new person taking your ticket to create a profile and start signing up for classes.


Both the showpass name transfer (link above) and the new person signing up for classes has to be done for the process to be complete.

Can I attend SUP with my own equipment?

If you have your own SUP equipment (including a life jacket), you are welcome to meet us at Two Jack lake and join the SUP class. Keep in mind this is not a SUP Yoga class as it was last year, just a SUP class.

Will you be opening up any more SUP spots as it is sold out?

Unfortunately, we won’t be opening up any more spots for SUP, but if you want to show up at the Fenlands when the bus is leaving for SUP then if someone doesn’t show up we will be filling the no-show spots and you could join in and we will charge you the fees post festival.