This year, the Banff Yoga Festival has partnered with Knight’s Cabin to give a humble donation of 1% of all profits to their organization. Knight’s Cabin hosts retreats for Cancer survivors, empowering them through Yoga and wellness. It seemed organic to create a relationship with this incredible local organization.

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Who we are:
Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats was created to serve as a catalyst for positive health behaviour change. We help cancer survivors make the best of the rest of their lives.


What we do:
We host a weekend retreats where we teach cancer survivors the research-based programming about health behaviours they can control -nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. We integrate behavioural change research to improve their chance of success. This is done in a supportive community of other people with cancer and every survivor is invited to bring a support person with them. To ensure finances are not a barrier, the retreats are offered at no cost to participants.

We did a yoga session during the retreat and I realized how much I actually loved yoga and how good it made me feel. So what was one of my goal– and I actually started doing yoga!

Angela, Knight's Cabin Guest, Brain Cancer Survivor

In spite of the fact we are dealing with some pretty serious issues. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years, as we learned, practiced and talked to each other during our free time.

Anonymous, Knight's Cabin Guest, Breast Cancer Survivor